Monday, 12 April 2010

Hasn't the weekend been glorious? I have pottered- there is no other word for it - pottered...
Someone seems to have covered spring in clouds today though

I planted up hanging baskets (two for the house and one for the stables) with the dogs in the garden, and weeded the borders - even though this is front garden gardening which I'm really not keen on, (far too on display for my liking) give me a back garden or veg plot any day. For the time being though a front garden is all I have and it needed weeding and I even trimmed the edge of the lawn too so feeling very virtuous.

The dogs were a huge help- it is such hard work being sun worshippers! As you can see though they are world class! Garden tidied, we went for a lovely long walk under beautiful blue skies.

I decided, as MrP had gone to work, to make some cherry and almond muffins- I couldn't find a recipe though so I had to make one up- they turned out pretty delicious (I'm so modest) the recipe will be on my recipe page just as soon as I remember what I did.

We then pressed onward with educating Riley. After the usual wrestling match to get his bridle on he did really well. I have high hopes for my boy this summer! Romeo is still complaining about his cough, so is just spectating the training process for the time being, but he too will have some work to do in a few weeks!

On Sunday the house needed cleaning but the weather was too fabulous (and I am an all time master of housework avoidance) so we decided to take the dogs for a walk in the village near the cottage and ended up walking for miles through the woods and finding huge swathes of wild garlic. Are you allowed to dig it up? I have been trying to grow it from seed for years and can never get it to germinate, which is so frustrating, when mother nature does it so well all by herself! Then back to the village for a gorgeous Sunday lunch at what will become our local- if we ever get to move to the cottage that is. I'm becoming very disheartened- it is looking like we are going to have to move back into the old house until it sells- which feels like taking a step backwards- I can't understand why it's not selling?? Everything seems to be in limbo waiting for it to sell so we can get on with the rest of our lives... grumble over
Happiness is.... a cup of coffee, the smell of baking and walking under blue skies


bad penny said...

thank for popping by - I have a sad looking hanging basket to fill. My garden is back to front as we are set off the road with all the garden in the front. It keeps boats, hens, dogs & now a veggie patch. I try to keep it tidy as it is on show to anyone who cares to look !

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