Tuesday, 20 April 2010
I need a little help here...

I didn't make brownies on Saturday- MrP came home from work early and I wanted to show him the chickens then the migraine struck etc. So I made them today- well the ingredients were there and I needed to use up some eggs.

I thought a little theraputic kitchen time may help get rid of the remains of the migraine

Thank you - by the way - to everyone who has sympathised about this migraine- I used to get the fluttery whizzy thing in front of my eyes and my vision would go and I would feel a bit odd and it would kinda lead to a headache - I would have a paracetamol and lie down and it would go- I used to think that people who took to their beds for days on end with them were wimps or drama queens- then this little baby arrived!! No appitite, nausea, strange dizziness, I feel like I have been wearing a hat 8 sizes too small for several days, whizzy fluttery thing, sunlight just hurt!, no energy whatsoever, ear ache, eye ache, pounding headache- the list goes on- I can't take migraine tablets as I take tablets that would be affected by them so I just have to stick it out- can I say if you are one of the people I have ever thought of as a wimp or drama queen I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I still have a headache today but that seems to be all it is now- thank goodness!!

Anyway I digress- So I melted chocolate and butter - weighed and whisked- oh how I love baking- popped them into the oven and hey presto - brownies- yum

My problem is how do I explain the missing to MrP?

One is pretty simple- I was just tasting them to make sure they were okay- or- It broke so I ate it.

But the second one is less easy- I thought of - it fell on the floor and the dog ate it- but I don't think he would believe that. Or Diane came round so we had a coffee and a brownie... but then he would ask about the dining suite.

I need tried and trusted pigged out on brownies excuses- any suggestions??


Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Those look delicious...wouldn't last an hour in my house.

MrsP said...

Thanks Ginger - what do I use as an excuse for eating two in a row when I'm supposed to be watching my weight though??

Dragonfly said...

You've got two dogs! Poor Pip gets the blame for all sorts round these parts! Plus, he can lay on the puppy eyes for anyone!

I use Nigella's brownied recipe (from Domestic Goddess) it's the richest thing EVER! 6 eggs too, so definitely a good egg-buster!

MrsP said...

It's okay- I saw Diane while I was walking the dogs- I asked her about the dining suite (she is buying it off us) and she agreed to be a brownie alibi so long as I make her some scones- phew!

Tracey said...

You should have ate the lot & said you hadn't made any! xxxxxxxxx

MrsP said...

Damn I never thought of that- how slow am I?? Jx

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