Wednesday, 7 April 2010
Well it's April already!! How did that happen? Where did March go?

Is this year flying past at the speed of light for anyone else?

The summer is already being planned out- tickets for the Great Yorkshire Show are already bought and stashed away ready for our lovely day out- I look forward to this more every year- it is fast becoming an tradition for us - can't wait for the scurry carting this year!-and sssshhhhhh don't tell her but I have bought MrsC and her other half tickets for her birthday- well MrsC's ticket is for her birthday- MrC's ticket is a thank you for above and beyond the call of duty for his wife's friend, which involved amongst other things, collecting a wonky wedding cake, making umpteen cups of coffee at the party and even more the next morning and clearing up the bodies and burying my lovely chickens after the evil ferret attack while we were on honeymoon- so a well earned day out I feel!
Even though I thought that we wouldn't get a holiday this year with everything else that is going on, and especially after going to Africa to get married! A chance look at an advert on the Internet and we are off to Marrakech- I can't wait to show MrP around my adopted motherland. I could wax lyrical about it all day. Well about the Marrakech that I fell in love with many years ago that is. More to do with Esther Freud's Marrakech in Hideous Kinky (don't watch the film- read the book - much more evocative) or even Peter Mayle's A Year in Marrakech- than with what she has become. It is a little sad that MrP will get the dilute version - like drinking weak Kia-ora instead of freshly squeezed orange juice- but I hope that enough of her remains so that I can show MrP how glorious she once was... How delicious honeyed pancakes and nos-nos coffee are early in the morning at a roadside cafe with hooded locals, mopeds and donkey carts passing by, just a few feet in front of you, early enough to see the glorious snow capped Atlas mountains - you could reach out and touch them they are so close before the heat haze makes them disappear like a mirage only to reappear in the evening cool, totally transformed to a different colour like a beautifully lit stage set. Shopping for bargains at street stalls far away from the tourist trails amongst the Marrakechi - the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells, oh the scents of Marrakech; two stroke oil, hot horse, incense, spices, orange blossom, delicious cooking, leather, mint... - I hope he can still see and smell all that and fall in love with her as I did before the airport was modernised and the tourists in their thousands poured in, complaining about the heat and the lack of beach and full English breakfasts and before the boys in the souks called to tourists "hey fish and chips- come look- I give you Asda price" - I'm not going to get my soapbox out now- I am too excited to be going again- hurray!!

What else? There are horse trials and garden parties booked. A Kelly Marks course and of course the foals are due in May and July.

Please, please, please the old house will sell and we will be able to move into our happily ever after cottage and start work on that- we have so many plans for it I could burst with anticipation. I'm a bit down on the house situation at the moment to be honest- I had convinced myself that we would get a buyer over Easter but there wasn't a sniff.

I'm not sleeping again- possibly to do with the house thing- I'm not sure?? I finally got to bed at 2:30 this morning (I get up to avoid waking MrP) but I didn't get off to sleep until gone 4 (it was actually 10 past 4 the last time I looked at the clock) then the alarm went off at 5:45- so I am not firing on all cylinders today. I am determined not to have a snooze though or I won't sleep again tonight.I planted some fun seeds up at the stables over the weekend. I planted them with my fingers crossed (which is harder than it sounds) and with a bit of luck and a following wind the area where the chicken run used to be should be awash with colour this summer, bright glowing reds and yellows, with huge sunflowers growing up the plain side of the feed shed- watch this space... I put in some more subtle coloured foxgloves and poppies around the back of Poppy's stable too.

Okay summer, I am ready, let's get started!!

Come back soon - I am going to be adding some recipes- and you can bet that they won't be low calorie! yum!


Jackie said...

I went to Marrakesh last year and am now ondering what the undiluted Marrakech was like. I found it exciting and different and thoroughly mind blowing.i blogged about it lots and at that time it attracted lots of new readers to my blog. I found that very interesting. I think sometimes that why we read blogs. Vicarious pleasures.

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