Thursday, 15 April 2010
You know the saying? If you want a kitten start by asking for a pony... (If you need any tips on this method give me a shout- I am olympic standard at it) Well I did a bit of an odd version of it last night.
All of your lovely blogs about the antics of your chickens have made me realise that I'm missing having them around- that and paying a fortune for a box of very mediocre eggs from the supermarket last week.
I had said that I didn't want any more until we moved to the cottage, but what I want there is a few Pekins and Silkies to hop about the garden making it look lovely.
The space where the old chicken run used to be, to the side of the feed shed at the stables is looking very sad- I planted a willow tree in memory of my little friends and it is playing host to a couple of fruit trees and some rhubarb and raspberries until I can transfer them to the cottage, other than that it is barren- I have planted a few flower seeds but nothing has started popping up yet- I can see it getting over-run with weeds... It is also a "storage" space for the wheelbarrow, the roller, our 'sitting out with a drink' chairs and various bits of hosepipe.
I have already said that I have plans to make the old hen house into a chicken palace ready for the Pekins and Silkies- but nestled behind that is the old nursery hen house (where I would put the young pullets to find their feet before Grace and Mabel started bossing them around)
Also yesterday while "listing" on ebay I came across a perfect 1950s cooker in green and cream- (not the one in the photo but one very much like it...) it would be perfect in my newly planned shabby chic cottage kitchen- it was at a bargain price! I knew MrP would never go for it- so on his return from work I bustled him infront of the computer "Look sweetheart! How gorgeous would that be in the cottage?" He smirked then totally baffled me by agreeing- I needed a diversion so I buttered some scones and sat him down- "do you fancy mash for tea?" always a good softener (MrP is a mash addict). He then, as predicted, started giving me reasons why I couldn't get the cooker- it would cost a fortune to get converted to calor (no mains gas at the cottage) - and that was if they could do it on one that old etc etc.
I looked sad, (now timing is the key to the kitten/pony tactic) shrugged and started peeling some potatoes- after a shower and sitting warm and cosy in PJs with MrP (he having put himself on the outside of a huge plate of pie and mash) I ventured- "If I can't have that cooker can I have a couple of laying hens up at the stable instead?" Deal done- hurrah!!
So this morning I dragged the old nursery hen house round- it needs a bit of TLC and a good clean but that done should suit a couple of hens perfectly. I gathered a couple of fallen branches to put in the new chicken area for perching and pecking purposes- I now just need MrP to make me a couple of little gates and a chicken wire fence and I can go chicken shopping. It doesn't look much now but with a bit of grass seed and the bits of rubbish tidied away... must remember to move the rhubarb and rasberries too!
So as the saying goes- If you want chickens start by asking for a cooker.
The photo at the top is of my old cockeral Montgomery in "his" plantpot just outside the kitchen window.


Dragonfly said...

You're very persuasive! I like it!

I'll look forward to seeing what you get.

Tracey said...

I love your style!!! Great blog too, you're my sort of girl....xxxx!

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