Saturday, 17 April 2010
I've been chicken shopping- too excited for words!! It was a lovely drive out in the countryside on this gorgeous bright spring day

and the result is 3 lovely new ladies who have come to stay.
I would like you to meet:

Bluebell- she is a Bluebell hybrid so not very imaginative with the naming but it suits her- she should lay dark brown eggs

Daisy- she is a Speckledy and should lay brown speckled eggs

and last but not least Sweetpea - she is a White Star hybrid and should lay white eggs

the girls are getting to know each other in Riley's stable while I finish fencing and hen house cleaning.

But for now the kitchen beckons - MrP has requested brownies - how could I say no?? All that chocolate melting and lovely smells.
More from the new chickens soon...


Tracey said...

Lovely! My daughter & her family keep chickens & keeps all the rest of us in fresh eggs. Hope they lay soon for

Dragonfly said...

They are very pretty girls! I love that you'll know who lays which eggs, I can never tell! I've not seen a white egg for years.

bad penny said...

I thought I commented - maybe not. They're great ! Pop over you have an award !

driftwood said...

ooh I am soooo jealous, I really wanted to get chickens when we moved here, and it says in the deeds we're not allowed. like dragonfly I love that you'll know whose eggs are whose x

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