Monday, 19 April 2010
Thank you so much Bad Penny for my award =O)

Seven things that you don't know about me? Hmmmm...

Well I'm replaying the nutter fact from my comment to you:

I once had a temping job at Nestlé putting the walnuts on top of Walnut Whips- so my job title was "nutter"- I wasn't very good at it though...

Dr Shipman saved my life- yes weird but true Harold Shipman referred me to Harefield hospital in Middlesex many many years ago into the care of Mr Yacoub where I had some transplant surgery that saved my life.

I once got through to the regional finals of Masterchef

I'm terrified of moths

My favourite colour is green

I can't eat shellfish- I'm not allergic or anything I just can't bring myself to eat it

I have 5 beautiful grandchildren - 3 girls and 2 boys

There and with that I crawl once again into bed to try and get rid of this migraine- I should emerge sometime next week...


Dragonfly said...

Seven brilliant things! Thanks for sharing.

bad penny said...

a Nutter AND a Shipman survivor ! I eat prawns but can't bring myself to eat the other shellfood ( I think it's poobably overrated - give me meat anyday ! )

Thanks for your comment- funerals are such a weird mix of sad & happy.
I'm so sorry to read about your migraine - mum suffered for years ( but they did stop ) I remember her being so ill with it. Take care xx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Mrs P, thanks for commenting at my place! And just so you know I too am Mrs.P to all my friends! In fact S~J P, but not of the Parker variety, I haven't been that thin since I was 6! tee-hee. Hope the head is better,

Sarah x

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