Thursday, 8 April 2010
For the record, today is the day of new beginnings. It feels like the first day of Spring proper. The sun feels warm, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. Green shoots are peeping through and it just feels good to be alive doesn't it?

I'm actually wearing a skirt (sorry MrsC I should have warned you to sit down before I blurted that one out) I know! Unheard of!! I may even go and put some makeup on. I really should make more of an effort to look like a girl for MrP sometimes.
So with a full 2 and three quarter hours of sleep under my belt last night I'm revved up and ready to go (that could just be the coffee though?!?). I lost 2lb this week- hurrah!! Actually it is somewhere between 1lb and 3lbs depending on where you put the scales so I am going with 2. My meal plan and shopping list are done for next week and I'm feeling really positive about it.

The new beginnings then- I intend to go through my clothes and edit out ones that no longer fit or I just don't wear - they can then either go on ebay or to the oxfam clothes bank. The rest can be pressed and hung properly. Then I'm going to tackle the junk room, same remit if it isn't used it goes on ebay or to the tip (quick note - there is about 2 weeks hard labour involved in these two jobs so they are unlikely to be finished today) Then my books- tough one this - not my cookery books obviously that is just plain crazy talk!! But I do have an expanding amount of books hanging around- so they need sorting and ebaying. I am then going to suggest very gently to MrP that he do something similar with his DVDs... wish me luck with that one.

Top that with a resolution to be tidier and better organised (so I don't miss another dentist appointment by a week!) and as said before to make a bit more of an effort on the looking like a girl front. Blimey I'm exhausted just writing it.

The better weather means that the horses can now live out for the summer hip hip....hurray! So much better for them than couped up in stuffy stables at night. With all my extra time now not spent mucking out I can actually get on with a bit of training and schooling and perhaps do a bit of housework, I may even do a bit of weeding in the garden - who knows??

Off to take the dogs for a walk... have a gorgeous day!


Poppy Cottage said...

How lovely to read that I am not the only one who would like to be tidy and organised but other , farm more enjoyable, whoops!! Meant important things get in the way!!

Your blog is fantastic!!


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