Wednesday, 12 May 2010
We had tea on the hoof last night as Poppy had us all in a spin!

This is her first foal, so we don't know how she is going to go on with it and she is such an angel. So when last night she wouldn't eat, then started pawing the ground and lying down then getting up and swishing her tail about we got all over excited! Well it would be early but it is her first so maybe just maybe??

We flew home and ate under-cooked jacket potatoes and goulash, I made a flask while MrP got the camera and video camera together and checked the batteries and within 10 minutes of getting home we were back in the car armed with flask, chocolate, biscuits and an ancient book I have about foaling (oh and with just a touch of indigestion).

Back at the stable we set about laying a thick soft straw bed and making sure she had everything she could possibly need - we sat huddled in the back stable so as not to disturb her but to be there if needed, outside it poured with rain. I am going to state the blatently obvious now and suggest that reading a 30 year old book about all the things that can go wrong with foaling when you think your precious little mare is in labour is not the best idea.

Anyway at about 8:45pm after a huge groan and much more tail swishing she broke wind, then her head dropped and she went off to sleep. So it appears that she just had a bit of indigestion too.

I didn't sleep well last night- could be worrying about Poppy, could be undercooked jacket spud... but I was at the stable at the crack of dawn this morning (which came as a bit of a shock to the horses) fully expecting to see a wibbly wobbly baby stood with Poppy. But no she still looks like a furry mint imperial on legs and went on to demonstrate how not in labour she is by galloping about the field and rolling (mucky madam!). All the signs are there though so watch this space...

Not a lot else happening really - I'm still trying to put our wedding album together, slowly (these things can't be rushed) and list the growing mountain of stuff on ebay (even more slowly) and get around to packing for the move back to the old house - which isn't going well mainly because I don't want to go... not to the old house anyway- please someone buy it so we can move to our little cottage...


Tracey said...

I've tried lots of time today to comment but blogger wouldn't let me! Anyhow, I laughed at the mare farting! It's exciting isn't it....can't wait for the birth. xxx

diney said...

hope all goes well for the furry mint imperial!

Tracey said...

Me again! Thanks for the kind comment you left for Amy & for all your support.
Tracey xxx

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