Friday, 21 May 2010
Thank you so much Amy for my award- I will polish it daily I promise.

I have to list 10 things about me, 5 things I don't like and pass it on to 10 bloggers

Okay I said that I wasn't going to do this until I had moved but I really need another coffee to kick start me this morning so here we go
10 things about me...
1. I ride horses
2. My 2 little section A welsh ponies are expecting foals soon
3. I love mashed potato sandwiches- yum!
4. I love watching the dawn break somewhere beautiful
5. I got married on Valentines Day - how romantic is that?!?
6. When I worked I was a computer analyst but now have no idea how they work...
7. My real passion is baking
8. I would love to write a book
9. My vocal cords are paralysed and have been cut at the back to allow me to breathe so people always think I have a really sore throat
10. I'm dreading moving back to the old house
5 things I don't like...
1 Moths!!!!!!!!
2 Avocados
3 Mowing the lawn
4 Ironing
5 Moving house
Passing this award onto Karen (The English Writer), Pebbledash, Driftwood, Dragonfly, Suie Juantit, Miss Pickering, The Hound, Poppy Cottage, Heart of Devon and Indigo Shirl
who else can't wait to hear the hound's likes and dislikes...?

11 comments: said...

Hello You! Mashed potato sandwiches, hmmmm, now I know that I just have to try one! Yummy! Well they must be right!? You should write that book it will be a good one, I just know that because you are so good with your blog! That made me laugh.. A computer analyst who can't understand them... ha ha ha! I am not keen on mowing the lawn either, and I loathe ironing, and as for moving house nooooooo! So why oh why am I wanting to do it all again?! Thank you so much for your lovely award, I am really chuffed that you picked me! Old Suie juantit! he he! I will probably put it on next weeks blog post now, if I don't add it to my already long post, then it will definitely be next week! Anyway I am happy to have read more about you. I left a comment on your last blog about your hospital comment on my blog! So funny, you made me laugh til there were tears! Have a beautiful weekend, and thank you again! suzie xxxxx

The English Writer said...

You are a honey! Thank you so much, it really means alot Jasmine, hugs to you, and have a wonderful weekend, Karen xxxxxxx

bad penny said...

MASHED POTATO SARNIES ?????? !!! Lovely award
( I got one too but I can't think of anything else to say. I might just lie ! )

driftwood said...

thank you! I shall start writing my acceptance speech. I dont like moving house either, but I love freshly cut grass, so the lawn mowing is at least bearable. If I ever meet anyone (except my mother) who likes ironing, I shall kidnap them and make them do ALL mine.....

MrsP said...

My new sister in law likes ironing- she says its theraputic, but every time I suggest she does mine she just laughs?? Dunno why? Okay we can get a skill swap going here I think -so far- Heart of Devon will do all the cleaning and house moving for chocolate- Tess likes mowing lawns (the mower is out and waiting for you...), Suie Juantit can make us all laugh while we are working by doing her arm waving dance, I will keep us all fed on mashed potato sarnies and buns and Karen can put it all in her new book and be my writing coach (and yes I know before you say it I need to learn to punctuate instead of using - all the time!)And I happen to know that the hound (shopdog) keeps a bottle of JD in a little vintage basket in the shop so he will be everyone's best friend- apparently he's good at logistics, quality control and spotting cats too!

diney said...

Funnily enough I was just talking about favourite sarnis, and one of mine is tomato ketchup! Maybe I'll try it with mashed potato - sounds like a combo made in heaven!

diney said...

I will try the mashed potato without the ketchup! Thanks for the tip!

bellaboo said...

Uuum..mashed potato sandwiches,now that's a new one on me! Have you tried adding crisps to a ham and tomato one..very good! We used to have banana and brown sugar ones when we were small.Hope the move goes well.You better have plenty of ice cold drinks to hand.

Bellaboo :0)

Tracey said...

Mashed potato sarnie.....YUK! We are a funny lot though aren't we, what with juan-tit Suzie & your funny, I'm completely odd! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award. Mashed potato sarnies, now that sounds delish! Good luck with your new foals when they turn up ... :0)

Shirl x

Dragonfly said...

Oh, thank you! This is a good reason for me to write a blog post as I've been busy for a while!

And mashed potato sandwich? Ugh!! Weirdly, I like almost all of your dislikes... apart from moving house, I suppose!

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