Thursday, 13 May 2010
I heard a cuckoo this morning in the woods at the bottom of the field! The last time I heard one was that amazingly hot summer in the 70s (was it 76 or 77? I can never remember? Anyway it was the year Elvis died...) so maybe, just maybe it's a good omen for a hot summer. I did actually hear it the other night but couldn't quite believe that I had so waited to hear it again to confirm to myself it was there. The swallows have also returned to their nest in the eves of the stables where they raised two lots of chicks last year. They make a bit of a mess but are so beautiful that I'm honored to provide them with board and lodgings for the summer and our beautiful Jenny Wren was spotted in the hedge last week too. Mr Robin hasn't yet left us so with all these the black birds, chaffinches, blue and great tits, wood pidgeons and pheasants we have quite a full house bird wise.

Daisy and Bluebell are providing us with daily eggs but Sweetpea seems to have other things on her mind and hasn't laid for a couple of weeks- despite having her wings clipped she is frequently to be found on the stables roof- I was asked how she was doing it and last night while I was riding she gave me a demo... there is an upturned plantpot in the run she hops from there onto the fence top then onto the henhouse roof- a good flap gives her just enough lift to get to the top of the feed shed door - then onto the feed shed roof and onto the stables roof- and they say chickens are stupid!! My worries include that she may be laying up there and we are going to find piles of eggs in the gutter- I have moved the upturned plant pot- lets see if that stops her!
No news from the expectant mint imperial...

Its a beautiful day so I'm off to walk the dogs and start potting up the plants ready to move house


The English Writer said...

I'd love a garden where I can see the birds. I certainly hear them (and not just seagulls!!), but we have 3 cats that keep them firmly at bay :-(( I do miss freshly laid eggs, but as soon as we find a house with a garden, I'm definately having hens again!!! K xx

Tracey said...

I haven't heard a cuckoo for years! We have every bird imaginable but no cuckoos. Thanks for the emails and comments, it means a lot.
Tracey xxx said...

Gosh oh gosh, I don't remember hearing a cuckoo at all for a long log time! My friend has chickens and often gives me eggs, and they are so much much nicer than the shop ones! WHich isnt surprising, as the chucks are given all types of natural goodies! It sounds like sheer bliss where you are! suzie xxx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh to live in the country and be surrounded by these fine feathered friends.. We do have a lot of wildlife in our urban garden.. but with the backdrop of traffic drone. The badgers were back the other night.. trying to dig up my shallots and beans.. In some respects I would prefer the badgers to the beans!
Love the header on your blog...
Thank you for your visits.. so nice to hear from you.

Michele x

Deborah said...

I just found your lovely blog, such gorgeous piccy so I am now a new follower and will be back to read more!
Best regards
Deborah {fondantkiss}

bad penny said...

So THAT'S how the cheeck little hen is doing it !

( I think winning wine making at 11 is prety fab ! dd you have to taste it ? )

bad penny said...

...I don't have Doves myself - just a pair of visiting Colared Dovesso pretty. I think the Wood Pidgeons are a bit dove like too - I love their coo-ing.

At fifteen, my best friend's mum said we could drink cider ( I think she thought it was fizzy apple juice ) we got spectacularly drunk on it - knowing she'd sisd it was OK. I drank cider for years then suddenly went off it. These days I'm a wino which is why I'll never shift that weight.

Did you see Tracey's hilarious cartoon about weighing yourself ? I've sent it to my SCALPS group !

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