Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Well this week has sprinted past! I hardly know where to start??
The Party – that seems a good place to start… After all my planning and several small nervous breakdowns the party was upon us on Saturday.
3pm onwards the invitations said. This was a ploy on my part to have the older people, such as our parents, there for afternoon tea and then people our age (I almost said younger people, but we are hardly that!) could party away to the Jackie album and Shang-a-lang their hearts out into the wee small hours.
All day Friday and Saturday morning saw the kitchen a frenzy of baking and sandwich making- fairy buns, cupcakes and muffins, tray after tray- more butter cream than you could shake a stick at! Incidentally if shaking a stick at butter cream is your thing I recommend professional help.
Beer and wine arrived by the case and got arranged into glistening ranks on the kitchen table- MrP brought down the beer chiller and stocked it to bursting.
Quiches, pizzas, salads, patés, chips and dips, cheeses, pork pies, prawns and pasties all made their way onto a groaning table- not forgetting the all important Tunnock’s tea cakes and a shimmering pastel array of cakes. I felt pretty darned proud of myself and went to get changed giving MrP orders to put out the party lanterns, which he tiptoed out to do, hoping that no-one would see him. “They are a bit girly love” he said when they were out. “Well here’s the thing sweetheart. I am a girl!!”
We squidged and squished me into my wedding dress- it didn’t look too bad. I did hair and make up and turned round to find a pristine MrP in dinner suit trousers and a crisp white shirt- maybe today isn’t going to be too bad after all…
We celebrated with a beer from the chiller- then a call from the door- “anyone here want a wedding cake?”
I just want to say for the record “WOW!!!”
Sarah- of Sarah’s Bakery- ( had done a stunning job on the cake- it weighed an absolute ton but we got it in position and put on the topper– I almost cried! It was too beautiful for words. I honestly didn’t want to cut it- I’m so glad we did though – it tasted fantastic! Lemon and raspberry muffin flavour! Yum!!
From the first speculative "Hi Sarah can you make wonky wedding cakes?" email I just knew that Sarah was the woman to make it- and we have become good friends through my rambling "you know the way strawberries tumble about in champagne? thats what I want the hearts to look like" mails and my "Arrrgh! Riley has kicked me in the face!! I'm going to look like a gargoyle on my photos" ones- I really do owe her lunch!!
More and more people came- our presents seemed to take on a theme (bottles of champagne- mainly pink!) it made me wonder what impression people had of me- I mused for a while then realised people had probably weighed me up pretty well actually.
It wasn’t until the next day we discovered that we also had a whole heap of gift cards too- more about that later…
The lollipop flowers were a hit – so were the jars of sweets
The house filled with people- outside it poured with rain- my deputy hostess with the mostess (MrsC) was on great form and the table was replenished as needed. (I owe her lunch too or maybe a "calorie free" Betty's of Harrrogate afternoon tea)
My sister inevitably got lost on her way here but turned out to be lost just around the corner- need I say more?
A great time was had- with only the odd incident- the signing frame was signed with just one or two spelling problems (but I have a cunning plan for this) and the last people staggered off to their taxis at about 1 o’clock in the morning
So I feel properly married now- not that we weren’t before but we have now undergone trial by wedding party together and still love each other- we can now get on with the rest of our lives in peace- or so I thought…


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