Wednesday, 17 March 2010
One day life will be simple- I keep telling myself this like some kind of mantra. It is unlikely to be this week though- The party looms ever closer. I am trying to do bits and bobs- cleaning the house- tying ribbons on things- buying crisps and sweets and breadsticks and mini eclairs. My heart is really not in it though. I doubt very much that I will fit back into my wedding dress after what I have eaten over the last few weeks- and if not my wedding dress then what? It is supposed to be a wedding party... More about the party later in the week though.
Today has been marred by getting a bill from British Gas for a cottage I moved out of 18 months ago! Not for the gas I used 18 months ago but for the last 3 months- half an hour on hold listening to the British Gas advert can send you more than a bit over the edge- and no I don't remember my reference number from 18 months ago and the meter reading I gave them in September 2008 was a moving out reading - check the records you sent me a cheque for the overpayment!! Just the fact that they have sent it to my present address should tell them that I no longer live at that cottage anymore. This seemed to be too much for the customer service guy to compute - I went back on hold- eventually I got through to the complaints department my mood no futher improved by the wait on hold and a nice lady said she had sorted it out for me - I took names and wrote this all on the bill ready for when I get the final demand...
The good, fab, brilliant, magical news of the week though, is that my lovely Fudge has had her foal. Fudge is on loan to Mrs C at the moment for her daughter Spanner to ride at some point and the foal belongs to her. Every pony deserves to be loved by a little girl and this one is getting very loved!! MrsC has named her Magic (because Merlin is a silly name for a girl) which is lovely. I will explain - Fudge is my little mare's stable name her proper name is Pantycoed Guinevere so Mrs C wanted something Camalot like for her baby. Merlin was first choice but I agree it is a silly name for a girl. So I introduce to you Magic! Lots more photos will no doubt follow. Then we have two more foals to look forward to in the summer. Can't wait!

Off to tie more ribbons on things...


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