Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hello everyone! I'm back!!
I just wanted to share my latest news with you all...
I have fallen in love!

It's okay MrP knows- he has fallen in love too...
May I introduce you to the object of all this affection?
Meet Summerwood Dragonfly Moonshine (Rowan for short...don't ask its a long long story!)

Born at 10am on Sunday 11th July.
I was over the moon to actually be there when he was born!! What a privilege!
(I have some quite graphic photos but decided to spare you so this is Rowan at 2 minutes old)

He is very advanced for his age and was soon up on his shaky legs...

It wasn't all plain sailing - no one had explained to him about gravity and balance

I knew this little man was going to be special before he was born...

He is half brother to Promise (Moon Shadow is the proud daddy of them both)

And mix a bit of Moon Shadow with a bit of Pebble (the prettiest pony in the world) and you get a bit of a superstar!

He ain't heavy- he's my brother...
(Promise looks huge next to Rowan even though he is only 5 weeks old! I can't wait to see them playing together...)

So on Sunday morning little Rowan trotted into my heart and there he will stay.
May I apologise for a little self indulgence.

On the home front- My little project is coming along nicely- I am reading your blogs while I'm projecting but not finding much time to comment (must try harder) sorry!

(Sorry about the photos in this post they seem to have got a bit distorted)

Back soon with more news but for now I have a new love in my life and a project on the go and need an extra 48 hours in every day. Jx